What can we learn at 35,000 ft?

What can we learn at 35,000 ft?

As I soared through the sky at 35,000 feet on a recent flight, we unexpectedly encountered a bout of turbulence, which prompted me to reflect on the remarkable safety of commercial aviation. In that moment, I couldn't help but ponder the reasons behind its unparalleled safety record.

What factors contribute to the safety of air travel? Is it the substantial investments in aircraft design and manufacturing? Is it the rigorous training undergone by pilots and crew members? Is it the efficiency of maintenance teams or the expertise of air traffic controllers and the array of advanced equipment at airports? Perhaps it's the comprehensive training programs and recurrent certifications that pilots undergo. And, importantly, is it the meticulous analysis of incidents and the implementation of preventive measures that continually enhance safety?

As I was thinking through these questions, I realised that each and every process and every touchpoint associated with commercial aviation is designed from the ground up with one goal in mind: making air travel safe!

Safe air travel is an outcome of various government and private organisations coming together with a common goal and vision without cutting any corners or compromising on any aspect associated with air travel - be it an investment in R&D, training and development, optimising processes or in learning from past mistakes.

Why then do we expect that the organisations we work for will miraculously give the best output to both internal and external stakeholders without setting the right input parameters? Why do we expect that repeating the same task in the same manner will give us different (better) results?

To achieve outstanding results, we must invest in the right organizational structure, define a common goal and purpose, foster a culture of excellence, promote teamwork and inter-departmental coordination, embrace a strong culture of standardization through well-defined procedures and instructions, and prioritize continuous learning and development. These elements are not just essential; they are imperative for realizing the ambitious goals we proclaim in our vision and mission statements.

Let us draw inspiration from the aviation industry and infuse our professional journeys with the same unwavering dedication, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to excellence. By doing so, we can soar to new heights and unleash our full potential.

Keep shooting to the top!