About Me 😀

With a diverse range of professional experience, including roles as a door-to-door salesperson and Country Director for a $4.5 billion Japanese multinational corporation, I have gained valuable insights and best practices that I am eager to share with those just beginning their careers. Through this newsletter, I aim to provide guidance and inspiration to help navigate the challenges of starting a professional journey. I am excited to share my experiences and knowledge!

You can also view my LinkedIn page by clicking here.

Projects that I am Working On: 🧰

  1. Career-related: check out my Substack where I discuss tips & tricks for nailing that first job and climbing the ladder to success. You can sign-up here
  2. Hornnotokay.com: a movement that I started to make roads in India noise-free and safer again
  3. RSVP apps: an app that I have developed for the native Mail client on Mac OS X that helps you set reminders, add notes in the reminders and response alerts
  4. Voluntary mentor at Freedom Employability Academy (FEA provides free, intensive English training to prepare students for professional jobs)

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