What a quick chat with my gym instructor revealed

During my recent workout, my gym instructor (also the owner) was relatively free, as only a few members showed up due to the heavy rain. He asked what I thought about his gym and if there was anything else he could do to drive up membership. Like any great consultant (I used to be one while working in Boston), I asked him what he thought should be done.

He shared some valuable strategies he believed would enhance the gym's appeal. These included refining equipment selection, offering a well-rounded combination of strength training and cardio classes, considering the addition of a dietitian, emphasizing cleanliness and hygiene, leveraging social media for promotional purposes (with a particular focus on garnering positive Google reviews), and providing unique services, such as the expertise of being one of only four certified Les Miles trainers in the state.

When I implored him further, he said that though he has been doing the above for a couple of months, he really started to see an increase in membership only recently, after he shifted one of the trainers from the busy evening shift to the morning shift. According to him, though this trainer was very effective at his job, he seldom greeted clients or made an effort to help them during their workouts and just pretty much sat around doing nothing. Replacing him with a more “friendly” trainer (though with slightly lesser skill), greatly improved member satisfaction and in a couple of weeks drove up membership.

Reflecting on this conversation on my way back home, I couldn't help but recognize the enduring importance of fundamental principles in business. In this case, the key takeaways were clear: 1) Prioritize customer satisfaction, and 2) Ensure your team comprises the right people.

At our organization, we've implemented the standard Attitude vs. Competency chart for the past seven years. This tool has significantly enhanced team dynamics, motivation, customer satisfaction, and overall growth. In the weeks ahead, I plan to delve into the details of this chart, hoping it can serve as a valuable resource for creating a more productive work environment. I trust this insight will guide you as you strive to Shoot to the Top in your professional journey.