5 buys under Rs 2K to 2X your productivity!

In this week's post, discover five essential buys priced under Rs 5,000 that significantly enhanced my productivity. These items have not only saved valuable time but also optimized efficiency.

  1. Daily Objects GaN 65W Tech Dual Port Charger (Rs 3,299) - this item, which is currently retailing at a discount (Rs 1,999) can be used to charge my Macbook (M1 Air), iPhone, iPad, Airpods etc. It’s 53% smaller than the laptop charger that comes from Apple and supports charging 2 devices at the same time. It helps me save a lot of space in my carry bag, and by no longer having to pack multiple chargers & cables while travelling, it also saves a lot of time (especially in situations where you forget to pack one of the cables and find yourself with a dead battery or then having to spend more time in purchasing a new one)
  2. Bagsmart Electronic Organiser (Rs 1,995) - this item, which is currently retailing at a discount (Rs 1,495) is a must-have for your office/laptop or personal everyday carry bags. It helps me store my charger, USB cables, pen drives, small calculator, pen and other accessories neatly and in a well-organised manner. This not only helps in ensuring you always have what you need while on the go, but also saves a ton of time at airport security (and it looks great!)
  3. ESR Cover for iPhone with Adjustable Stand (Rs 1,899) - this item, which is currently retailing at a discount (Rs 1,709) not only offers superior protection to your iPhone but more importantly comes with an adjustable kickstand that allows you to go “hands-free” (between 3 stable stand modes) during face-time calls allowing you to take detailed notes and create to-dos at the same time. This simple buy has boosted my work-related note-taking workflow significantly
  4. Casio HL-815L Portable Calculator (Rs 1,75) - this item, which is currently not retailing at any further discount (😅) may seem unnecessary in today’s era of digital calculators, but in my experience, it saves a ton of time to have one handy while attending team meetings, presentations etc as 1) You do not have to have a digital device open at all times causing distractions 2) Simple calculations and double-checking of data is simply faster ( I carry this item in my Bagsmart Electronic Organiser)
  5. Govo GOBASS Wired Earphones (Rs 1,299) - this item, which is currently retailing at a discount (Rs 399), is a great secondary earphone to carry in your electronics organiser ( I recommend high-quality wireless earphones as your primary device) as it helps you connect to those never-ending online meetings even when your primary earphone runs out of juice! Generally, while attending meetings from a fixed place (for example, not while inside a car, as I might have to get in/out while on the call), I always prefer to use wired earphones to conserve battery on the wireless earphones for occasions when I might have to attend meetings on-the-go ( during a commute, security check-in lines etc)

I hope the above items elevate your workflow and help you Shoot to the Top!

If you have any other recommendations, please do share them in the comments section.